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Founder-Larry St. Cyr

The purest fdadorm of a cattleman, Larry was an excellent breeder of the Imperator bloodline of Brahman cattle.  Beef cattle were a part of Larry’s life from the beginning, as he spent much of his childhood helping his grandfather with commercial cattle where he grew up along Bayou Lafourche in south Louisiana.  Larry was an agricultural enthusiast and held a B.S. degree in Animal Science from the University of Southwestern Louisiana and Master’s Degrees in Reproductive Physiology and Ruminant Nutrition from Louisiana State University.  After college, he spent one year working at Sugarland Ranch in Clewiston, Florida where he fell in love with Imperator Brahman cattle.  He answered the call of duty to serve his country in 1966 when he was drafted for Vietnam.  Upon returning from service, Larry served as the Beef Director for Louisiana Animal Breeders Cooperation.  It was during that time that he crossed paths with A.J. Marceaux and began building his own purebred Brahman herd.  Larry took pride in linebreeding pure beef-type Brahmans and served as a consultant for much of his life helping other cattlemen.  Hjerrye felt that Brahman cattle should be able to perform on grass alone and proved this time and again with his breeding program.  Like his mentor, A.J. Marceaux, he believed in keeping a tightly closed herd.  Larry was a leader in breeding for genetic efficiency.  His foundation herd sires were performance trait leaders in low birthweight, ribeye area, carcass weight, tenderness and marbling.

Having judged numerous domestic and foreign cattle shows in his career, Larry was a well respected ABBA judge.  judgingBestHis strong Cajun accent made his reasons difficult to follow for some, but he was known for placing cattle as he saw them and for always providing an honest evaluation. Of all his accomplishments, the greatest was his investment in family.  He and his wife, Marlaine, raised 2 daughters on St. Brahman Farm in Lockport, FamilyLA.  His daughters shared his passion with the cattle and were his farm hands throughout their youth.  Their involvement in youth livestock projects taught them invaluable character traits: leadership, responsibility, teamwork, perseverance and humility to name a few.  Larry was a hard worker, natural teacher, and encourager to many.  He was known for his exuberant personality and never met a stranger.

In his later babyyears, Larry thoroughly enjoyed spending time with his grandchildren and continued to maintain the day to day operations of St.Cyr Brahman Farm.  On September 17th, Larry suffered a major heart attack while working his cattle.  The Lord removed his pain and called him home as he was doing what he loved.

Larry must have known his daughters had it in them to continue his legacy.  He left the following words of wisdom on his desk as a reminder to them.

Respect, Trust, Integrity, Innovation = Teamwork

Heidi Schneider

Heidi Schneider is Larry St.Cyr’s youngest daughter.  She began her farm chores at the age of 8 and in high school was actively involved with 4-H, FFA, ABBA and AJBA.  She attended Texas A&M University where she started out in the Animal Science program and finished with a degree in Agriculture Science.  She taught Agriculture, Animal Science and Vet Med for Profile Pic11 years and chartered 2 FFA chapters in the state of Texas.  In her last year of teaching at Fulshear High School, she was voted Teacher of the Year for 2018.

Currently, she is the Office Administrator for Navcon (Houston Division) and enjoys leading and teaching people about the benefits of therapeutic ketones. 

She has two young daughters who are involved in gymnastics, school and helping out at the farm.  Heidi resides in Fulshear, TX with her husband, Rob, and daughters Claire and Chloe.


Allyson Tjoelker

With a B.S. in Animal Science and a M.S. in Agricultural Economics from Texas A&M University, Allyson is a first generation Aggie.  From 2004 to 2017, Allyson maintained a successful career in stock show management.  She began her career at Rodeo Austin and in 2007 made the move to the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo (HLSR) where she oversaw the world’s largest livestock show for 10 years.  In 2013, she was promoted to the leadership role of Executive Director of Agricultural Competitions and Exhibits for the HLSR where she continued to manage volunteers, the livestock show, the International Wine Competition and premier youth auctions.

DSC_9717-Allyson-TjoelkerIn 2017, she traded her big city commute and long hours for more family time.  She and her husband, Jay, are blessed with 2 children, Landon and Caroline Faith.  They reside in College Station, TX and Allyson serves as Director of Development for the Texas A&M Foundation.

Allyson was actively involved in 4-H, FFA and AJBA in her youth.  She attributes her passion for the agricultural industry to her father and her St.Cyr Brahman Farm roots.

Both Allyson and Heidi are passionate about breeding quality grey Brahman cattle and look forward to providing their children the same opportunity they had in showing livestock.

Marlaine St.Cyr

Without her, none of this would have been possible.  Prior to retirement, Marlaine taught academically gifted students for 38 years and more importantly was an outstanding mother to Allyson and Heidi.  Her continual support of Larry and the girls proved to be an invaluable resource in sustaining the Brahman cattle enterprise.  She sacrificed much in order for St.Cyr Brahman Farm to exist and for Allyson and Heidi to have the opportunities bestowed upon them because of their agricultural roots.

Married for 45 years, the cattle provided opportunities for she and Larry to make life long friends and travel internationally.  She fondly remembers the Marceaux family and the close bond Larry shared because of their passion for breeding Imperator cattle.

 Some of her favorite trips wmom and dadere to Central American countries, accompanying Larry as a cattle judge.

In the beginning, the cattle business was not at all familiar to Marlaine, but she embraced it as an avenue to teach worth ethic, responsibility, integrity and leadership to their daughters.  She credits Larry for having the tenacity to remain committed to what he believed in and for possessing enthusiasm and vision to see the best of every situation.  She has never known anyone to have the fortitude that Larry had.  She is proud to witness Allyson and Heidi continue Larry’s legacy of breeding Brahman cattle.

Marlaine now enjoys baby sitting for her grandchildren and helping with the daily farm chores.  She has become a pro at driving the tractor and feeding hay.  She’s likely to offer you some of her exceptional cajun cusine if should you visit on the right day!

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